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1 Q. What is your refund policy?

Cancellations can be made ONLY before the vehicle is sent for registation. Once the registation of the vehicle is completed, there cannot be any cancellation or Refund. A nominal fee of 250/- is charged as cancellation fees and the balance fees refunded to the customer.


2 Q. How do I place an order?

 Go to Online Store, Choose a Vehicle/Product of your choice add acccessories as required and check out. 9 Star Suzuki will Contact you within 24 busniess hours

3 Q. Do you take orders over phone?

 Yes, We do Take Orders on phone. You can call +91 80 49063333 and ask for the sales department and you shall get assistance

4 Q. What are the different modes of payment?

 The different forms of payment are 1) Cheque, 2) Bank Transfer, 3) Debit or credit card ( a dealer facilitation charge will be applicable) and 4) Cash- (Accepted only if informed in Advance)

5 Q. Are there any hidden costs on purchase?

 There are no Hidden costs for Online purchase. However, there can be a nominal charge depending on the payment type you choose

6 Q. Do you have warranty on your products Sold online?

 Yes, The same two Year warrantly given by the manufacturer, Suzuki Motorcycle India Limited( SMIL) will be applicable whether you purchase the Suzuki Product online or in our showroom

7 Q. Where should the servicing of vehicle be done if purchase online from 9 Star Suzuki?

 Vehicle Servicing can be done in any of the Authorised workshops across India. Suzuki has a Wide presence in Bangalore, the list of Authorised Service centers can be looked up in the link here. All the Suzuki Authorised Service centers are bound to service the vehicle with high quality as prescribed by Suzuki from time to time.

8 Q. Can any Authorised dealer refuse or lower the quality of service because the vehicle was purchased at a other dealership?

 Absolutely not. The Entire Authorised Network of Suzuki (SMIL) is bound to give service ( both free and Paid) to any and every Suzuki motorcycle manufactured by SMIL irrespective of where it is purchased

9 Q. How long does it take for an vehicle to be delivered to me?

 The delivery time of the vehicle varies on the color and product availability. Current figures indicate 9 Star Suzuki delivers the vehicle within 2 working days of the transaction completed from customers side

10 Q. How are orders on delivered to me?

 Once All the documentation, payment processing and vehicle registration is complete, The vehicle can be delivered at our showroom or at a place of your convenience as you choose. However, the location shall be within Bangalore city limits.

11 Q. Does Ninestar Suzuki deliver products outside Bangalore?

 Yes, We do sell products outside Bangalore. However, this will be at the sole responsibility of the customer. The product will be shipped by Road or rail transport at actual cost after the payment and other documentation is completed.

12 Q. Are there booking fees for buying online?

 No, there are no Separate Booking fees Online. However, there will be a dealer facilitation charge if customer chooses to pay by card for the product purchase

13 Q. How do I know that NineStar Suzuki has received my order?

 When you submit your order we will reply to the email address you have given, confirming all your order details, including the products you have ordered and the total cost. You will also receive a call from us within 24 business hours. You can also wrtie to us on

14 Q. Is it safe to use my credit/debit card?

 At the moment, we do not charge the credit card online. Should you choose the payment method as a card, it shall be swiped manually only.

15 Q. How much do you charge for delivery?

 There are no charges for delivery within Bangalore Limits. If the delivery is outside Bangalore, The actual transportation cost will be charged to the customer separately

16 Q. I wish to place an order that is a gift, can you deliver directly to the recipient?

 Yes, We can deliver to the receipient directly. However, We shall need the Different documents for registering the in the name oadvised by the purchaser post delivery of vehicle

17 Q. What is your policy regarding damaged goods or incorrect deliveries?

 We shall not deliver any damaged goods. However, if there is any incorrect delivery in model or color the same shall be recified

18 Q. How secure is shopping in the Online Shop? Is my data protected?

 Yes, Your data is protected when making a purchase online

19 Q. Can I try the product out before I buy?

 Yes, You can try the product. You need to let 9 Star Staff know abou the same when they call you for conformation of Order/ Appointment

20 Q. What exactly happens after ordering?

 Please Click here to know the entire process of Online Buying

21 Q. Why have I not received an order confirmation?

 You are supposed to receive an order confirmation email within an hour and a call from 9 Star Suzuki within 24 business hours. If you do not receive either of the same, you can write to

22 Q. Do I receive an invoice for my order?

 Yes, You will receive an invoice for yor purchse and a receipt for your payment

23 Q. I have not yet received my delivery, although the stated delivery time has passed?

 Normally, all deliveries are made as promised. In case there is any unforeseen delay, the same shall be communciated to you. If you havent received a message after the promised time has passed, you may write to You shall get an response within 6 business hours

24 Q. Can I cancel a purchase?

 Cancellations can be made ONLY before the vehicle is sent for registation. Once the registation of the vehicle is completed, there cannot be any cancellation or Refund.