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Burgman Street 125


 We are delighted to announce the launch of the New Burgman Street BS6.

Burgman Street created a new category in scooters in India focussing on the concept of advanced luxury riding, we are confident with this upgrade the Burgman Street will continue to keep its traction as an advanced luxury scooter.
A cutting edge luxury design following Suzuki European style design gives Burgman Street a premium look. The scooter inherits the Big engine displacement scooter design from Suzuki international lineage which makes it stand out of the crowd on roads.
Extremely Bright LED headlight, position lamp and tail lamp in Burgman Street makes it the first Suzuki scooter in India to feature this advanced lighting set-up. This set-up reflects the premium aspect of the scooter with its integral and cutting edge design and also enhances the visibility at night with its bright yet efficient LED lights.
The body mounted windscreen makes the Burgman Street first scooter in India to come standard with this feature. By using the windscreen, the scooter follows the European design of big displacement scooters and the windscreen serves as a practical feature as well by reducing the wind blast and improving the aerodynamics.
Flexible foot position for comfortable riding for long distances. This reduces fatigue over a long period of riding distance which appeals to a wider set of audience. The outstretched riding position offers unique and best in class riding experience
Comfortable and Premium Seat: The scooter uses a long and comfortable seat which gives you sense of stability and comfort while long distance riding and allows plenty of space, even when carrying a passenger. Moreover, the contrast red color stitching creates a high-class taste.
Large Under-seat storage: Under-seat storage capacity of Burgman Street is 21.5L which makes it highly practical for daily usage. A full-face helmet, shopping bags, purse and shoes can all be stored, protected from rain and dust even while riding.
Front Pocket: This is perfect for small items like water bottle etc which cannot be left on the floor and which would be inconvenient if placed under the seat.


General Description

Ex-Showroom Price* 90587
Comprehensive Insurance 1 OD 5TP 7377
Life Time Road Tax 12066
RTA Registration Charges & Safety Cess 1100
Logistics Charges 512
Number Plate frame + 3 Yr Extnd Warranty 1002
On Road Total 112276
* ExShowroom Price includes GST @ 28%