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Warranty Policy

Scope of Warranty-

UZUKI MOTORCYCLE INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED, (here in after called as SMIPL) offers warranty for Suzuki Motorcycle model "Gixxer, Gixxer SF, Hayate EP & Intruder" (here in after called as "Products") manufactured in its Gurgaon plant and sold through its authorized dealers. Suzuki Motorcycle India Private Limited reserves the right either to replace or repair, at their authorized dealer, free of cost, those parts which may be found on examination to have manufacturing defect within 2 years from the date of sale (or) first 30,000 kms whichever occurs earlier of its operation.

Condition of Warranty - The warranty coverage for Products will be valid only if the following are availed & followed:

  • All 4 Free Services as per the given schedule.
  • All 4 Paid Services & 1 Bonus service as per the given schedule.
  • Maintaining the service record given in the Owner’s Manual duly signed by SMIPL authorized dealer for each of the 4 Free, 4 Paid & 1 bonus Services availed.

The claim for ex-change (or) repair of parts shall be considered only when:

  • Customer ensures that immediately upon the discovery of the defect he approaches the nearest SMIPL authorized dealer with the affected motorcycle. The expenses if any for bringing the affected motorcycle to SMIPL authorized dealer has to be borne by customer only.
  • Customer produces the Owners Manual in original, to enable SMIPL authorized dealer to verify ownership & service record.

Warranty claims in respect of proprietary items like Tyres, Tubes, Battery and Sparkplug are warranted by their respective manufacturers and shall be claimed on them directly by the customers as per their warranty terms and SMIPL shall not be liable in any manner to replace them. However SMIPL authorized dealers will give full assistance in taking up the claims with respective manufacturers.

Warranty Claims in respect of shock absorbers (front & rear), Speedometers etc though claimed through SMIPL are subject to the acceptance of the respective manufacturers.

  • SMIPL reserves the right to carry out the replacement of the defective part with the same part manufactured by another vendor, which is also used by SMIPL.
  • Warranty Claims will only be handled through SMIPL authorized dealers & will not be entertained directly by SMIPL at all.
  • SMIPL undertake no liability in the matter of consequential loss or damage caused due to the failure of parts. Delay, if any, for carrying out the repairs at SMIPL authorized dealer, shall not be a ground for extending the warranty periods, nor shall it give any right to the customer for claiming any compensation for damages.

Limitation of Warranty- Warranty is not applicable to :

  • Normal maintenance operations such as Engine Tune-up, De-Carbonizing, Carburetor cleaning, Wheels, Brakes and Clutch adjustments as well as any other normal adjustments.
  • Normal service wear and tear items (i.e.) Brake Shoes, Brake Pads, Shims / Fasteners, Drive Chain, Sprockets, Clutch Plates, Race Bearing kit, Gaskets, Rubber Parts (or) Plastic components, Wheel Rims (in case of misaligned or bent), Element Air Cleaner, Oil Filter and Electrical items like Bulb.
  • If recommended Engine Oil / Lubricants are not used or if they are not replaced at the recommended interval.
  • Use of non - genuine parts (or) accessories not approved by SMIPL which affects the performance and reliability of the motorcycle.
  • Premature wear of Engine parts such as Cylinder, Piston, Valves, and Bearings due to adulteration of petrol / fuel.
  • If any of the free or paid service is not done as per schedule, the warranty tends to stand void.
  • Parts of the vehicle have been subjected to mis-use, accident, and negligent treatment, use of bad quality parts which are not manufactured (or) not recommended for use by SMIPL on their motorcycles.
  • Parts of the motorcycle getting rusted or their plating or painting coming off due to atmospheric condition like Sea Breeze and Industrial Pollutions.
  • Motorcycle used for any Competition (i.e.) Rallies (or) Races, if it is used for any commercial purposes like Hiring etc. SMIPL undertakes no liability in the matter of any consequential loss (or) damage caused due to failure of the parts.
  • Parts repaired (or) replaced under this warranty are warranted only for the original warranty period Suzuki motorcycles.
  • Consumables like Engine Oil, TFF Oil, Grease, used for the warranty repair are not covered under the application of the warranty.
  • The Company is not liable for any delay in servicing due to reasons beyond the control of the company or any of SMIPL authorized dealer.

SMIPL reserves the right to make any changes in the design or to add any improvements(s) on the motorcycle at any time without incurring any obligation to make the same on the motorcycle previously supplied (or) sold / manufactured.

Also the conditions of this warranty are subjects to alterations without any notice.

This warranty is the entire written warranty given by SMIPL for your motorcycle, and no employee, SMIPL authorized dealer (or) other person is authorized to extend or enlarge the terms of warranty.

Decision regarding warranty settlement shall be taken by SMIPL and shall be final and binding on all concerned.


The contents in this page may be changed without notice. All rights are reserved by SUZUKI MOTORCYCLE INDIA LTD. No one is allowed to make copies of, reproduce, change or modify any part or all the contents of this page without expressed permission of SUZUKI MOTORCYCLE INDIA LTD.